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Goal Keepers

The Goal Keeper Program focuses on the individual development of well-rounded Goal Keepers. Goal Keepers are an integral part of our teams where the “keeper plays.” Therefore, our keepers train with their assigned teams at team training sessions AND have separate Goal Keeper training (Goal Keeper Focused Training is at no additional cost to players), to focus on the specialized skills that are unique to only Goal Keepers.

Players are invited to join the program during tryouts in June each year. Limited openings may exist during the year if a players is looking to join mid-year.


Coaching is provided by Villarreal Nebraska Academy coaches and dedicated Goal Keeper coach, Nish Yadav. The complete team of coaches have studied and understand the coaching curriculum. The team of coaches have demonstrated their delivery of the curriculum. Training is directed and overseen by DOC Jorge Sambataro 

All Players, can attend Goal Keeper Training that is offered for All Club Players.

Dedicated Goal Keepers MAY have additional or special training plans.

Uniforms and equipment

Goal Keepers should wear goal keeper shirts, athletic shorts or pants, shin guards covered by socks, goalie gloves, and cleats.  Each player should bring a properly inflated, proper sized soccer ball and a water bottle to each session. 

Dedicated Goal Keepers must purchase the official full goal keeper kit $46.36, and academy backpack $40.68.
The 2 training shirts, warmup jacket and pants from the equipment store. Total $107.50-112.50

Goal Keeper Kit to add onto the field player official full uniform kit: $63.92 plus shipping

Black beanie cap, black headband and black gloves can be worn. Other cold weather attire showing under the Official Kit must match in coloring or be black if needed.


Goal Keepers are a unique position and player. Therefore needs a high commitment level for the position. Players are encouraged to participate in other athletic, academic, and extracurricular activities.  To the extent possible, players are expected to coordinate their activities in order to attend all scheduled soccer training, games, and tournaments. 

When conflicts are unavoidable, players must provide Villarreal Nebraska Academy with advanced notice of absences.  Numerous absences or lack of communication may adversely affect playing time during games or continuation in the program level.

Summer Goal Keeper Clinics 2022


Goal Keeper Glove Thoughts

There are so many options, price points, and personal preferences when it comes to choosing the right pair of gloves. 

Lincoln doesn’t really have a sporting goods store that gives much variety in options, so you have to measure the hands and most likely go online to find a top level pair of gloves. That being said, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a good pair of gloves. You can find them in town. I’ve purchased gloves at play it again sports and been happy with what they had available for $40. 

For older goalkeepers that are playing at an elite level, I could see spending between 75 and $120 on a pair of gloves. At the high school level this is an important investment, and most keepers will have two pair. One for practice, and one for games. If you play a lot of matches on turf, it will tear the gloves up. The more durable gloves will last longer but are typically less comfortable and don’t have as much gripping power. I recommend a more durable pair for practice, and a more comfortable pair with more grip for games.

Just like with shoes, you can often find a really nice pair on sale. The most important thing is fit. Here is a link to a goalkeeper store that does a really good job of educating you on the full range of options and how to measure your fingers to get the right fit:


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