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Winter Session 2 Class Listing: submarines spring 2020 class listing.pdf
The Villarreal Nebraska Academy – Day Time Submarine classes is our developmental program which provides a fun, positive, and developmentally fine-tuned environment for children to learn the basic fundamentals of soccer and encourage a variety of natural body movements. The program will provide a combination of individual skills training, small-sided games, and fun activities to give each child an ideal opportunity to learn, laugh, and make friends.  

Submarines are kids and students first.  Everyone plays to learn and have fun!
When your child is ready for more, please see our Groguet TEAM Program!


The Submarines program will be directed and coordinated by Villarreal Nebraska Academy staff.  All Submarine sessions will be coached by Villarreal Nebraska Academy-trained coaches, older-players, former-players, or trained parents.


The Submarines program will be offered each year following a seasonal pattern: Fall Session (August-October) , Winter 1 Session (November-December), Winter 2 Session (January-February), Spring Session (April-May) and Summer Session (June-July). They range from 5-11 classes per Session.

Submarines Class Wednesday and Friday 5:15-6:30 pm and Saturday 9:15-10:00 am
Our traditional class for Ages 3-6 years old. Players experience 4 areas of exploration each class and are grouped in age-appropriate groups 3-4 years, 5-6 years  

Submarines Daytime Class Wednesday 1:30-2:15 pm, beginning Spring 2020

Classes for players who home school who are younger - generally 3 years old to 8 years old 

Submarines Advanced:   Wednesday or Friday 6:15-7:00 pm
This class is geared toward the Kindergarten - 3rd grade Submarines who are ready for a team or who may be ready and is considering joining a team.

Mini-Submarines, Programming from VILLARREAL C.F. Psychomotor Skills for Kids Course

Mini-Submarines the Villarreal Nebraska equivalent to Villarreal C.F. Psychomotor Skills for Kids Course.

This redesigned successful program for kids, where they can enjoy playing games that have an underlying purpose of developing their motor, cognitive and socio-emotional skills.

Villarreal Nebraska has a special program for children between the ages of three and six, serving as the step before they can enter the Academy, GroguetTEAM. The Psychomotor Skills for Kids course is one of the most successful activities organized by the club, as it attracts more and more interest season after season. So much so that in recent years the course has had to significantly increase the class groups available to accommodate the high number of children who want to learn, play and enjoy this activity at the Villarreal Nebraska Training Center.

What does the Psychomotor Skills for Kids course involve? Visual games, sensory-motor games, games with rules. Above all, the objective of the Psychomotor Skills course is to aid the overall development of the child in all actions: motor, cognitive and socio-emotional, with the games being the activity stimuli to develop the young children's physical condition.

The Psychomotor Skills for Kids course brings together motor, cognitive and emotional abilities... Activities based on the natural and spontaneous movement of children. The games are methodological instruments in the structure of the sessions through which exploration of all possibilities of movement are encouraged.

By means of games, physical activity and expression activities involve participation at an intellectual, physical, social and emotional level aimed at practicing an intelligent sport with a wide social-motor base as is football. Depending on the preference of parents/guardians, they can choose to sign their child up for this leisure activity for various seasons, that will help the healthy growth of their child.

Developmental Stages and Age Appropriate Focus:
1. Motor Skill Development, Ages 0-6
2. Fundamental Stage, Ages 6-9
3. Learning to Train, Ages 8-12
4. Training to Train, Ages 11-16
5. Training to Compete, Ages 15-18
6. Training to Win, Ages 17+
7. Retirement

Age when players begin to learn from their mistakes, Ages 9-11

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Villarreal Nebraska Academy, Official Partner Academy of Villarreal C.F.

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Villarreal Nebraska Academy, Official Partner Academy of Villarreal C.F.

333 Speedway Circle Suite #4 
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 402-853-7100

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