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Soccer Sports Performance

Soccer Sports Performance

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers (Fallbrook and Southpointe)

Visit Website  and Villarreal Nebraska Academy offers Specific Soccer Sports Performance Training to Support the Soccer Athlete to Strengthen the body for Enhanced Performance, Lower Limb Injury Prevention with Professionals Dedicated to the Soccer Athlete.

Flexibility Screening, individualized stretching and flexibility program - No Charge Provided by VNA with your VNA Annual Membership


10-12 Week Soccer Specific Sports Performance Training
1. Trazer initial screening, 3D camera testing for soccer specific movements which helps pick up compensations or movement dysfunction.
2. Strength and Conditioning Program, in-person with some home programming. Soccer Specific program with periodization. Body weight support, work on movement patters, conditioning, mobility, running mechanics, injury prevention, speed, nutrition, coach's education and player support.
          Cost Range: $75-$110 depending on class size and length of program. Sign Up below on the form or use this LINK


Professional Injury Prevention and Screening for ALL VNA Members Throughout the Year.

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers (Fallbrook and Southpointe) and Villarreal Nebraska Academy provide all members with Professional Services

  • Injury prevention classes or education, in-person, zoom or recorded at No Charge.
  •  Basic screening for potential injury as needed, screening walk-up clinics offered weekly during team training at No Charge. Watch for a weekly schedule for walk-up clinics.

"Jeramiah, Kari, and their entire staff at Fyzical have made a big difference in my soccer loving daughter’s life. When your kiddo is sidelined for injury it is heartbreaking and frustrating to watch. Fyzical’s approach to healing is different than anything we’ve ever encountered before. Their unique approach helped return Atley to the game she loves after a bad back injury-and, she went back stronger than before. This was after being told by others she might not ever play again. Their group is amazing and I highly recommend them based on their knowledge, expertise, and experience."
- Katie Whyrick, Parent


The Gold Standard in Concussion Screening

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers (Fallbrook and Southpointe) partnership with Villarreal Nebraska Academy bring the Gold Standard in Concussion Screening, Classes, Education, and Treatment to the members of Villarreal Nebraska Academy.

  • Concussion classes/education, in-person, zoom or recorded  education at No Charge.
  •  Testing and Screening offered to every member of VNA at an incredibly low cost of $25.
    •  RightEye testing for baseline offered annually for only $25
    •  RightEye screening for any post concussive events or potential concussion at the PT clinic.
      •  If Treatment is required, health insurance or cash pay for the usual PT rates. The baselines, patient history and the soccer specific needs would bring better patient care and aid in treatment and recovery. 

"Jeramiah at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers (Fallbrook and Southpointe)  helped our athletic son Ty,  return to play safely and with great guidance.  Ty was sidelined with a concussion and we were unsure of how to guide him into getting back into soccer shape.  Jeremiah got Ty an appointment right away and worked with us every step of the way to full recovery.  The Right Eye Software that he uses is such a beneficial tool to show athletes the importance of following safe return to play.  He was thoughtful and compassionate in a tough situation.  We appreciate his care and expertise getting Ty back to 100%."
-Nicki Baker, Parent

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