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Villarreal ULTRA (U13-U18) 2020-21 TEAMS


The Villarreal Nebraska Academy, Ultra program focuses on the individual development of highly-skilled, well-rounded soccer players with a proven curriculum based on Villarreal C.F. and other international training methods.  The Ultra program is designed to produce players that can consistently compete with top teams in the state, region and nation.  Players that exhibit an exceptional commitment and skill level may be invited by the Director of Coaching to travel to Villarreal Spain to train at Villarreal C.F. Academy. Being part of the Ultra program gives Ultra players direct access, direct training and coaching oversight of the DOC Jorge Sambataro. 

Players are invited to join the program during tryouts in June/July each year. Limited openings may exist during the year if a player is looking to join mid-year.


Tryouts will follow the requirements and timeline set forth by Nebraska State Soccer Association.  Refer to the Registration and Tryout Information page for tryout dates, times, and locations. 

Note that, per NSSA requirements, tryouts are not required for admission into U10 and younger programs, and players can register for those programs each June.  Both registered and interested players are encouraged to participate in the tryout sessions to help the club place each player into the appropriate initial training group. You MUST register for tryouts even if you can not attend to be placed on a team.


Coaching is provided by Villarreal Nebraska Academy senior coaches. These coaches have demonstrated their delivery of the curriculum and have been carefully selected. Ultra training and game oversight is directly overseen by DOC Jorge Sambataro.


The following information is as accurate as possible.  However, slight changes to tournaments, training days/times, and other modifications may be necessary as the season and year progress.

League Fall and Spring: Alliance League, NYSL or Equivalent, approximately 7 games each season
League Winter: Great Plains Futsal, approximately 7 games
Competitions per Fall/Spring Season: 2 Tournaments or Events or participation in a 2nd League. approximately 6-9 games across additional events. Travel is expected for leagues and events at the ULTRA program level.

Training Frequency: 3 times per week Fall and Spring, 2 time per week Winter and Summer


Full Year 12- months: August 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021
Full Year ULTRA Program:
$1895, includes $200 non-refundable registration fee
See High School Page for "partial year" plans, currently all ULTRA Program Teams are "partial year" High School teams. Full Pricing is published for comparison and future planning of full-year ULTRA teams.

Full Year Competition Fall, Winter, Spring League: Approximately 33 Games $550, includes $55 non-refundable player registration. Competition Fees will be collected after July 15th (applied to 8/1/2020 Payment Plan Amount) for Fall 2020, September 15th (applied to 10/1/2020 Payment Plan Amount) for Winter 2020/2021, January 15th (applied to 2/1/2021 Payment Plan Amount) for Spring 2021. Seasonal breakdown TBD. League Fees, Tournament Fess etc have not been set by league/tournament directors. Governing bodies who sanction games have not released return-to-play plans or dates. Please know that team competition fees are applied to all members of the team regardless of availability. 

Payment Plan: The $1895 is a yearly membership fee: can be paid all at once using the monthly payment plan. *This is not a monthly fee but a yearly fee in easy monthly payments for your convenience. 
$75 due upon registration. $200 due 7/15, $180.00 due the 1st of the month in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr. a 2.8% installment fee (bank fees) will apply.

Adding Competition Fees (this is an example, leagues and tournaments have not set fees yet): In July if we get league or tournament 'go-ahead' for Fall and they set fees and the per-player cost is $290 + $55 non-refundable player registration. The $345 will be added to player accounts by VNA administration and will be spread to the months remaining in the payment plan, if that is Aug-April then an additional $39.41 will be added to your monthly payment which includes the monthly installment fee. If we are able to play Fall Tournaments/Festivals then those costs will also be added.  Then in September/October if we get the 'go-ahead' for Winter team tournaments/showcases and they set fees and the per player cost is $60. The $60 will be added to the player accounts by VNA administration and will be spread to the months remaining in the payment plan, if that is Oct-April, then an additional $8.82 will be added to your monthly payments which includes the monthly installment fee. Then in January if we get the 'go-ahead' for the Spring and they set fees and the per player cost is $145. The $145 will be added to player accounts by VNA administration and will be spread to the months remaining in the payment plan, if that is Feb-April, then an additional $49.69 will be added to your monthly payments which includes the monthly installment fee.  If we are able to play Spring Tournaments/Festivals then those costs will also be added.

IF JOINING AFTER the Season Start dates, call for availability.


U11-U19 Current member re-registration June 1, 2020-June 30, 2020
U11-U19 Non-member team formation registration opens mid-May, DEADLINE to register for Team Formations 7/11/2020

It is our player development focus and our true Academy beliefs that all players have the opportunity to learn the game correctly.  Therefore, it is our goal to have a team spot for all youth. We believe in forming teams for ALL. We fully expect to have a team for ALL players within one of our program level teams for anyone who registers and accepts their offer by 7/13/2020 10am. At that time your registration and deposit are due, plan accordingly.

Financial Assistance is available.
Players must qualify and apply. Please email [email protected] 
A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.  Villarreal Nebraska Academy uses enlistment in the Nebraska Department of Education Free and Reduced Lunch Program as a guide to financial need.  If your player is part of this program, please submit a photo copy of the Notice of Approval letter you received from the school district (one photo copy for each player) to If your child does not attend a public school, please send an email explaining your scholarship needs to

The program costs above include: 

  • Coaching: Academy Coaching and Unrivaled Coach/Player Ratios.
  • 1. Internationally licensed/professional coaching DOC oversight for all teams.
  • 2. Licensed and Experienced Head Coach
  • 3. Licensed Assistant Coach
  • 4. Additional Academy Coach Involvement
  • Business and Company Overhead costs,
  • Field/Facility rental fees,
  • Professional Administrative Staff,
  • Training: For the year: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer: including goalkeeper training
  • Villarreal C.F. Academy Membership fees,
  • Villarreal Nebraska Academy Membership fees.

The program cost above does not include:

  • Uniform costs (see below for details),
  • Competition Costs which include: Fall/Winter/Spring leagues, tournament costs or additional league, the anticipated costs are listed, 
  • Player and Family Personal travel costs,
  • Additional Winter Indoor Soccer League(s) (optional),
  • Private training fees (optional),
  • Camp/clinic fees (optional).

U15-U18 (Full Year less High School Season) ULTRA:

ULTRA Program, less High School Season, See the High School Information All Payments must be complete prior to completion of services provided.


ULTRA players are required to purchase an official uniform full kit: $187.37 includes shipping. Primary Yellow Kit (Jersey, Shorts, Socks) and Secondary Black Jersey/Training Shirt, Player warm-up Jacket and Pant, Club Backpack. Returning ULTRA players need only to purchase a new Primary yellow Jersey, Secondary Black Jersey, new player warm up jacket and pant for $127.73 includes shipping.

Recommendation to purchase: Yellow Long-Sleeve Cold-Weather Shirt. Black Beanie Cap, Black Field Gloves. Black Cold-Weather Pants. 

Other Optional Items are available and can be purchased.

Additional EQUIPMENT: ULTRA players will utilize their Secondary Black Jersey at training and the Primary Yellow Jersey will be used occasionally at training (for returning players you may wear 2018-2020 uniform Jerseys, for new players you may considering purchasing extra uniform Jerseys). Players should expect to wear unbranded plain Black athletic shorts (or 2018-2020 black uniform shorts), shin guards covered by black socks.
Footwear should fit snugly. Indoor soccer shoes or tennis shoes are required when INDOORS. When outdoor for training and games, cleats are expected at this level.
Ball: When indoor at Nebraska Sports Center players do NOT need to bring a soccer ball. When outdoor for training or games players need to bring a properly inflated size 4 (7v7 and 9v9 players) or size 5 (11v11 players) soccer ball.

COMMITMENT LEVEL - Planning and Communication

Overview:  The Ultra Academy program is designed for players that have higher levels of commitment.  Consequently, the program has much higher communication expectations of its players, and its players have higher expectations of their teammates.  The required commitment level should be weighed carefully by both the player and his/her family prior to accepting an offer.  For those willing to meet this commitment, the skills that will be developed will be among the highest in the nation. It is our expectation and belief that all players are committing to all games and all tournaments when accepting the offer into the Ultra Program.

  Villarreal Ultra Academy players CAN participate in other athletic, academic, and extracurricular activities.  However, Academy players are expected to COMMUNICATE as early as possible (even before teams are formed). Game attendance should be communicated within a week to 10 days after schedules are released and any changes to attendance should be communicated ASAP.  Players should prioritize soccer activities to the extent that tournaments are communicated in July for the upcoming year and every attempt should be made to support those planned events and make that commitment to the team. 

Players should do everything possible to coordinate their activities in order to attend scheduled soccer training, classroom sessions, games, and tournaments. In instances of absences player should notify their coach with as much advanced notice as possible.  Attendance concerns could affect playing time and/or participation in the Ultra Academy program depending on the circumstances and the consideration for the communication and working with the coach.  

Community Service:  Each Ultra Academy player is expected to provide a minimum of six (6) hours of mentoring and/or community service per season.  This service is an important component of the program as it teaches the players to give back to the club and community.  Acceptable hours include volunteering to assist in training sessions for Submarines, Yellow-TEAM, Select, or Elite programs; assisting with club events; or other community activities as approved by the Director of Coaching.

Suspension/Removal:  This is rare and likely will never happen if communication is utilized. But in rare circumstances , players that fail to exhibit the required commitment level during training, classroom sessions, and/or games, or players who fail to uphold the other required commitments of the Ultra Academy program may be asked to reevaluate their program needs or be removed from the program, this is at the sole discretion of the Director of Coaching of Villarreal Nebraska Academy.


The curriculum and developmental process that Villarreal Nebraska Academy utilizes is uniquely structured to provide a progression of soccer skills over time and building players to be autonomous, smart players and good people.  As a result, the optimum development takes place within the structure of Villarreal Nebraska Academy training and competitions.  Ultra Academy program players will only participate outside of Villarreal Nebraska Academy teams at the determination of the Director of Coaching.  The typical exceptions are if a player is chosen for regional, national, or international team.  While different perspectives are critical to a developing high-end athlete, a collaboration of these activities and events with the DOC is optimal. Keep in mind that random and unplanned engagements typically serve to only confuse and could delay a developing athlete.

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