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2023-2024 Team Information

U13-U15 Elite Program Logistical Details:

2023-2024 U13 to U15 Teams: Players from Birthyear: 2011 to 2009, also 2011 (playing up, generally 6th Graders)
Team Structure: Teams U13 to U15 play 11v11 according to US Soccer.

State League Participation:
Nebraska State Soccer Association (NSSA), Nebraska Youth Soccer League (NYSL)
League Locations: Lincoln, Omaha Area, May include areas 60-90 miles (including Grand Island etc.). The league serves the State of Nebraska Member Clubs
League Game Days: Saturday and Sunday, Weeknights only as needed
League Dates: Fall August 5-November 12, 2023 and Spring March 15-June 9, 2024
Number of Fall and Spring League Games: 7-game season each season
President's Cup or State Cup if Qualified: 3-5 game state event, if advances additional costs may apply

2nd League or Tournament Participation:
Friendlies, Festivals, Tournaments
Competition Locations: In-State Nebraska or Council Bluffs or Out-of-State Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa
Game Days: Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday
Number of Fall Additional Competition Games: varies per team, cost per team plan

Winter Competition Participation:
Winter Futsal League or Indoor Soccer
Competition Winter Locations: Lincoln, Omaha, or Council Bluffs
Game Days: Saturday or Sunday
Competition Dates: Winter November 4, 2022-March 12, 2023
Number of Winter Competition Games: 7-13 game season

Yearly Training Plans: Training and 39-44 Games over 200 hours of soccer provided.
Fall Training: Three times per week July 24-October 27, 2023
Winter Training: One time per week from October 30, 2023 - March 2, 2024, Time off around Major Holidays
Spring Training: Three times per week March 4- June 9, 2024

Program/Tuition Cost: $1695
Estimated Competition Cost: $300

Estimated Competition Cost: $300  estimated breakout for reference:
($125 NPL if applicable, $60 Fall League, $50 Fall VNA Tourney, $60 Winter Session 1, $60 Winter Session 2, $60 Spring League, $50 Spring VNA Tourney 1, $100 Spring Tourney #2 Travel).
1st payment of Competition fees will be included in your initial registration of $200. 2nd Payment of Competition fees will be added in November of $200. 3rd Payment (of approximately) $140 of Competition fees will be added in January.

This is an annual program, monthly payment plan available.

Annual Program Runs July 24, 2023-June 30, 2024
If joining after Team Formations call for Help.

Program Comparison Chart, subject to change at any time as needs and details become available.

Elite (U13-U19) 2022-2023 TEAMS


The Villarreal Nebraska Academy U13-U15 Elite Program focuses on the individual development of well-rounded soccer players with a proven curriculum based on Villarreal C.F. and other international training methods.  Elite players will be registered with USYS and/or USSSA and participate in local or regional leagues and tournaments. The Elite program is designed for players that want to compete in the state and regionally. The main focus of the Elite Program is player development to compete on top level teams. 

Players are invited to join the program during tryouts in June each year. Limited openings may exist during the year if a player is looking to join mid-year.


Team Formation (or commonly known as Tryouts) will follow the requirements and timeline set forth by Nebraska State Soccer Association (NSSA).  Refer to the Registration and Tryout Information page for tryout dates, times, and locations. 

Note that, per NSSA requirements, tryouts are not required for admission into U10 and younger programs, and players can register for those programs beginning each June.  Both registered and interested players are encouraged to participate in TEAM FORMATIONS: tryout/evaluation sessions to help the club place each player into the appropriate initial training group. You Must register even if you can not attend in order to be placed on a team.


Coaching is provided by Nationally Licensed and VNA trained Villarreal Nebraska Academy coaches who have studied and understand the VNA coaching curriculum. All coaching is under the supervision and direction of DOC Jorge Sambataro and a club program director or age-group coordinator. Elite Teams have a head coach, an assistant coach, and additional academy coaches. Player to coach training ratio is lower than any other club in the state or region. 


The following information is as accurate as possible.  However, slight changes to tournaments, training days/times, and other modifications may be necessary as the season and year progress.

2 Leagues Fall: NYSL and NYP, 15 games total
USYS President's Cup or State Cup: 3-5 games
League Winter: Great Plains Futsal and 1 indoor session, approximately 14 games
Tournaments: College Showcase in November if applicable, 1-2 tournaments from the following: of January 7-9 in Arizona, February 5-6 in Florida, June 17-19 in Chicago, July 1-3 in Indiana

11v11 Teams: Travel is Required!

Training Frequency: 3 times per week Fall, 2 time per week Winter and Summer


Annual Membership Program Tuition $1595 (Includes $200 non-refundable registration, due at the time of registration). Training sessions plus over 39-44 games provide over 200 hours of programming.

PLUS Annual Competition/Game Costs estimated to be $540
($125 NPL, $58 Fall League, $46 Fall VNA Tourney, $56 Winter Session 1, $56 Winter Session 2, $58 Spring League, $46 Spring VNA Tourney 1, $95 Spring Tourney 2 Travel) approximately 39-44 games.
1st payment of Competition fees will be included in your initial registration of $200. 2nd Payment of Competition fees will be added in November of $200. 3rd Payment (of approximately) $140 of Competition fees will be added in January.

This is an annual program, monthly payment plan available.

Annual Program Runs August 1, 2022 -June 4, 2023.
If joining after August 1st call for Help.


U11-U19 Non-member team formation registration opens mid-May, DEADLINE to register for Team Formations 7/2/2022
It is our player development focus and our true Academy beliefs that all players have the opportunity to learn the game correctly.

Financial Assistance is available.
Players must qualify and apply. Please email [email protected] 
A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.  Villarreal Nebraska Academy uses enlistment in the Nebraska Department of Education Free and Reduced Lunch Program as a guide to financial need.  If your player is part of this program, please submit a photo copy of the Notice of Approval letter you received from the school district (one photo copy for each player) to If your child does not attend a public school, please send an email explaining your scholarship needs to

The program costs above include: 

  • The program costs include: 
    • Coaching: 200-210 hours of programming provided, equates to $7.48 per hour
    • Unrivaled Coach/Player Ratios.
    • Internationally licensed/professional coaching DOC oversight and curriculum provided.
    • Program oversite by a Curriculum Coordinator
    • Licensed and Experienced Head Coach
    • Licensed Assistant Coach,
    • Additional Academy Coaches Involvement, coaching collaboration as available
    • Business and Company Overhead costs,
    • Field/Facility rental fees,
    • Professional Administrative Staff,
    • Training: For the year: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
    • Villarreal C.F. Membership fees,
    • Villarreal Nebraska Academy Membership fees.

The program cost above does not include:

  • Uniform costs (see below for details),
  • Competition Costs which include: Fall/Winter/Spring leagues, tournament costs or additional league, the anticipated costs are listed, 
  • Player and Family Personal travel costs,
  • Additional Winter Indoor Soccer League(s) (optional),
  • Private training fees (optional),
  • Camp/clinic fees (optional).



Elite players are encouraged to participate in other athletic, academic, and extracurricular activities.  To the extent possible, players are expected to coordinate their activities in order to attend all scheduled soccer training, games, and tournaments.  When conflicts are unavoidable, players must provide Villarreal Nebraska Academy with advanced notice of absences at least a week in advance.  Numerous training absences may adversely affect playing time during games. Game day notifications of absences will adversely affect playing time during games.

Community Service:  Each Elite player is expected to provide a minimum of four (4) hours of mentorship and/or community service per season.  This service is an important component of the program as it teaches the players to give back to the club and community.  Acceptable hours include volunteering to assist in training sessions for Submarines, Yellow-TEAM, or Select programs; tracking player points during other Villarreal Nebraska Academy games; assisting with club events; or other community activities as approved by the Managing Director.

PLAYER MOVEMENT: In order to respond to differing development rates as the year progresses, Select players could have the opportunity to move between training groups and/or teams to optimize each player’s growth. Player movement to a higher level program will cost the difference between the programs at the time of movement.


The curriculum and developmental process that Villarreal Nebraska Academy utilizes is uniquely structured to provide a systematic progression of soccer skills over time.  As a result, the optimum development takes place within the structure of Villarreal Nebraska Academy training and competitions.  Elite players are discouraged from participating in non-club soccer events in which Villarreal Nebraska Academy coaches are not involved, as different coaching approaches can delay or counter the developmental process that the club provides.  If players choose to participate in non-club soccer events anyway, they must first notify Villarreal Nebraska Academy of their intent and obtain permission from the DOC.

Developmental Stages and Age Appropriate Focus:
1. Motor Skill Development, Ages 0-6
2. Fundamental Stage, Ages 6-9
3. Learning to Train, Ages 8-12
4. Training to Train, Ages 11-16
5. Training to Compete, Ages 15-18
6. Training to Win, Ages 17+
7. Retirement
Age when players begin to learn from their mistakes, Ages 9-11

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